Happy Birthday Brother!!

When we were little,

I still remember how you kept a secret so brittle.
You have all that you had,

To get me something that would make me glad.

From a trusted advisor, to my biggest fan :p

Ohh I have got everything in just one man.

No matter how much others applaud,

I can never feel happy until I get your nod.

Yours are the perfect footsteps that I want to follow,

Without you, my life would have been completely hollow.

Today, I smile because it’s my brother’s birthday

Who is special to me in every way.

His presence in my life means the world to me,

Pain or suffering in his life, I can never see.

Thanks for showing me brotherly love.

You are an angel sent from the heavens above.

Happy Birthday Brother 😘

-Sagrika Jhamb


​Failure : My new Friend

All of us pass through a period in our lives when nothing works in our favor.  There are many ways in which our life changes. Sometimes, these changes happen slowly, while the other times, things change overnight.  Life has a way of foiling promises made, no matter how sincerely and earnestly they were made. 

You may not always get what you want or what you like. Whether you are a designer, a politician, an engineer, a doctor or simply a lover, the road to success passes through the fields of failure.

Many people are taught to adopt a negative attitude towards failure and these people always fear failure. Those who are afraid of failure often end up doing nothing at all.

Be  it a guy who is too nervous too talk to a cute girl or a student who is not able to concentrate on his exams because of the risk of failure in his mind. And inaction is the biggest symptom of fear.

Fear of failure can be a more potent force than failure itself and the primary thing that stops people in their tracks from advancing their personal or professional situation.


We are emotional beings and are motivated by either hope or fear. Hope drives us forward as we are aspiring to be somewhere or someone, whereas fear stops us taking the very first step. Fear is usually the stronger emotion.

In my opinion, we should always chase the fear but what if we fail at something, it simply implies that we have done something that many people hesitate to do : we have actually made an attempt at success.

Like a true friend Failure always

– makes us aware where we need to improve.

– forces us to acknowledge our shortcomings.

– tells us that we need to do better.

– makes us stronger and more resilient.

– lets us realize how much we want something.

– tells us if something is not for us.

Failure and fear are closely linked and rather than being avoided, should actually be welcomed with open arms. They are the catalyst to personal and professional growth and for a happy and successful life.
So there you have it, some of my thoughts on why failure is my new friend. If you have any comments, feedback or a personal story to share, please let me know in the comments box below. Also, if this blog resonates with you, please consider sharing it with others.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sagrika Jhamb


Triveni Sangam

Hi Everyone,

Last Saturday I went to Allahabad for my best friend’s engagement. I went there only for a day, nevertheless I have gotten an impression and I really liked  Triveni Sangam.

The Triveni Sangam in Allahabad is a confluence of 3 rivers, the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati. Of these three, the river Saraswati is invisible and is said to flow underground and join the other two rivers from below. The river Yamuna merges into the Ganges at this point and the Ganges continues on until it meets the sea at the Bay of Bengal.

Right after the engagement ceremony we went back to hotel and planned to take holy dip in Triveni Sangam. When we reached the bank, the scene was so alluring. Waters meet away from the  Yamuna bank and visitors take boats from Bank to Sangam.

Without wasting time we inquired about the rates which boat owners charge. Generally they charge Rs 1200 to Rs 1500 from the banks of Yamuna to Triveni Sangam if you take an entire boat. A good many boat owners were chasing us with none of them really going below Rs 1100.  It was not that easy to find boat though, but eventually we did and somehow we got one in Rs 300. Of course we were travelling of season, which might have something to do with.

It was 200-300 metres from Yamuna Bank in the middle where the rivers actually meet. This conflux offers excellent view during the Sunrise and Sunset. We were lucky enough to see the Sunset.

Here the muddy and pale-yellow waters of the Ganges merge with the blue waters of Yamuna, resulting in a spectacular view for the visitors. While the Ganges is only 4 feet deep, the Yamuna is 40 feet deep near the point of their nexus.

In around 15-20 minutes we reached the junction. When we were inside the boat, we got some picturesque views around like New Yamuna Bridge, Allahabad Fort, White birds floating on the water.

We took the holy bath and performed small Pooja of the three Rivers. According to hindu mythology, it is believed that “Those who bathe at the place where the two rivers, white and dark, flow together, rise upto heaven and a wash in Triveni Sangam can wash off all the sins”

On our way back to Yamuna Bank, we enjoyed small talk with the boat riders.
Indeed it was an amazing boat ride.
I could never ask for a better sunset. This might seem like a very short time,  still we have managed to get a good impression.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and seeing some pictures of this great Pilgrimage destination.

Have you been to Triveni Sangam or any place where two Rivers flow together?? Let me Know in the comments section below.

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– Sagrika Jhamb

​SWYNK The Cafe : First Collaboration

I always had this love for food, for the ingredients, for the cooking  process and for the presentation. Thank you Shreya and team for inviting me for Food review.

Good food is a given in any top – class restaurant, but ambience can elevate the dining experience to a whole new level and make it more memorable.

From the beautiful lamps leading into the restaurant to the wall dotted with framed posters of all time favourite singers, Swynk The Cafe will make you feel you are dining with the Stars and keep you occupied while you wait for your meal.

Swynk has an atmosphere that is just as good as the food. This cafe is a great place to catch a bite after a busy day with a menu which will ensare the taste buds of a seasoned food connoisseur. There’s a plethora of eating options one can choose from.

On a hot summer day one could not have asked for a better start. The menu has a good many number of refreshers to offer.

I was served Brushetta, Tandoori Chicken, and Bombastic Chicken along with Green Apple Mojito.

I thought this chicken would be heavy on the stomach, when it was served on table, but it was so light and delicious with a complete balance of all the ingredients. I can easily call it a fulfilling food experience.

This musical theme based cafe provides an idyllic stress buster for it’s visitors. Also you can try Ludo, Sudoko, Chess, Uno, Jenga etc. 

Did I tell you that they have a special arrangement for Birthday Party, Kitty Parties, Anniversary Celebration and Corporate Events. Yes they do!!

Swynk is a total thumbs up from me. If you are a true foodie and your focus is on a great pocket friendly meal in Gurgaon , this one place you should visit.

Ratings (Out of 5)

Food : 5.0 | Ambience : 4.0 | Service : 4.5 |

Overall : 4.5
Credit Card : Yes | Alcohol : No
Address :

SCF -90, First Floor, Sector 14(Huda Market), Gurgaon -122001

-Sagrika Jhamb

To Travel is to Live!!

A demanding job. A bad breakup. The loss of a loved one. If no, then we all have almost fixed routine. Everyday we answer to schedules, routines and calendar. Not much changes in our daily life. Basically it’s a cycle that we repeat everyday. Day-to-day life can drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Everyone needs a break from his/her fixed daily routine. Travel can be a great relief from the stress and unhappiness that come along. It will show you there’s more to life than just your to-do list.

To travel is to live, they say (I follow). Travel not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. It compels us to think about everything that is right and wrong in this world. Needless to say, it shows us just how beautiful this world can be, when you think there’s no hope. You experience much more than you would in a standard 9 to 5.

There are so many excuses not to travel – not enough time, not enough money, fear of the unknown and the list goes on. The reason why we can’t take a break to travel, often overweight the reasons why we should.

Reasons why you need to ignore all your excuses and take a break to travel right now are many.
Here are a few which motivates me the most :
1) Little baggage :

Life is easier when you don’t carry excess baggage. Travelling extensively teaches you how to carry things that matter to you, and nothing else that might be a little ‘extra’. And that applies to life too.

2) Communication :

Trying to find your way in a crowd filled with strangers teaches you how to communicate with people and this experience also teaches you how to rely on people when you need help sometimes. Breaking the ice with new people becomes trouble free.

3) New hobbies :

Who knows, may be the beauty of a place is so astonishing that you want to capture it in the best way possible?

That’s how skills like photography, writing, reading and even food and fashion based hobbies can be developed. 

4) Do what locals do :

When you travel around, especially in places where the culture is different from where you reside, you will realize that people are not only nice – most of them are extremely hospitable.
Every place has a story and who can tell you that story better than a local.
So, when you travel, make sure to stay with a local (at least once) to get the best experience of the place you are travelling to.

5) It’s about FOOD :

There is so much food in the world. No travel is complete without having tasted the local cuisine. Travelling to different places and tasting the food, the people there eat is fun, and it lets you know just how different people enjoy different food.

So, be the ‘YES’ person, try the food.

You will be constantly surprised at the flavors the world has to offer.

6) Memories :

Finally, it’s important to make memories, because its memories that make life more meaningful.

Pictures, videos and good company…There is nothing else that reminds us of the good times we had travelling to a place away from home.

Apart from this there are infinite reasons to travel :
– Travel gives you purpose.

– It makes you more open minded and helps you move forward.

– You develop a sense of Independence, freedom and accomplishment.

– It helps you learn who you are.

– Travel means adventure and it challenges you.

– Travel gives you perspective and proves that dreams do come true.

Which of these reasons why people love to travel resonates most with you? Or do you have another motivator?  Please share your thoughts!

#travel #blogger
– Sagrika Jhamb

Monday Blues!! 

That feeling you get when you wish you could just stay in bed all day or have one more day for the weekend. Monday mornings always arrive a tad too soon. Just when you are getting used to the weekend – it’s gone already!

Monday Morning Blues are nothing but a hangover of the Weekend Woes. Anyone could have them, ranging from people who don’t have a weekend well spent and wish for an extension to others who’ve had just a sip of ecstacy and yearn for more.
The fact is that,  Monday is not a day that many people look forward to, and most people get up feeling rather depressed because it’s hard to accept that they have to work for another five or six days before they get some time off.

Evidently Mondays would come every week and there’s very little we can do about it. So why not mend our ways and let’s give Monday Mornings a stylish new meaning.

The night before, pick out your favorite outfit so you have something to look forward to Monday Morning. You may feel better when you look your best. 

 You’d be surprised at how much your clothes could affect the way you feel about yourself. Looking more polished will actually  boost your confidence and make you happier. Moreover, the compliments at your work place will totally lift up your mood as well.

So whenever you feel a little sluggish when Monday rolls around, Dress to Impress yourself.

Wearing Top from Jabong.com

Culottes – #Only

Shoes and Bag – #Vanheusen

Watch – #DKNY

Now that you know how to beat your blues, Have a very Happy Monday. Remember, the next weekend is just 5 days away ! 😉

Till then –

#fashion #blogger

Thanks for reading.

– Sagrika Jhamb

Old saree from my Mother’s wardrobe

A mother’s closet is the foremost window to style and fashion in every girl’s life.

Ever since my childhood, I have repeatedly opened my Mom’s wardrobe, staring at all her old yet graceful sarees and wishing to wear all these captivating multicolored sarees one day.

Flashback from the past, I remember how I used to amuse myself with a doll house and trying to drape my Mom’s dupatta as a saree, trying to walk in her shoes even if they don’t fit. All I can think of is the pleasant smile my mother had on her face after watching me doing all this.
The bottom line is that every girl has an eye on her mother’s depository way back from babyhood. 
A few days back  I was looking for an elegant dress for a wedding in my family.
Full of wisdom, grace and beauty, there’s no better source than your mother for ideas of a great attire. Think about it : your mom is not afraid to be honest with you, knows you better than most people, and has a closet full of clothing that spans across decades.
Who better to talk fashion with?

As we all know sarees do lose their charm over a period of time. However if sarees are maintained well and are taken care of properly then they can be used for decades.

I asked my Mom if I can reuse a silk saree from her wardrobe and she was more than happy to know that her most-loved saree is still going to be used and not getting thrown away.
Together we thought how can we transform it into something beautiful and different and this is what came in our mind.

Steps below to create this look :

– Purchased black brocade for Choli(Crop Top) from our local market.

-Rushed to a boutique nearby(Mum is still the best advisor when it comes to buying fabrics or badgering to the tailor to stitch outfits last minute)

-Got saree cut into palazzo pants and dupatta in a way that the border is used around the sides (Sarees with thick zari borders can make for great palazzo pants.)

-To complete the look I added Tassels(Latkan) for Choli and Palazzo pants.

With this, the silk saree was reused nicely and a new dress is ready.

Outfit – #sareefrommom’scloset


Earrings -Local Market

I am sure your mom must be having numerous sarees stocked in her closet, of which some of them are now of no use to her either they are outdated or she dislikes the color.

Instead of having them stacked up in the wardrobe and letting them consume that space on the shelf, why don’t you re-cycle the old silk saree to something you would wear and love to show off as a creation of your own by using such idea.
That’s so you! Create a look you love with Beauty, Style and Grace.
-Sagrika Jhamb

Why do you enjoy being in your industry?

A question which comes to my mind before going to work everyday. People give very different responses​ to this question.

Some love their jobs and can totally amaze the hell out of you by their response while some don’t.

Professionals working for big IT Giants believe that they get a chance to think out of the box by permuting live scenarios into some lines of codes, can play around with data, get opportunity to travel on -site for work(which indeed attracts the younger geneartion the most). Along with this they find real joy in doing social work as their corporate social responsibility.

Whereas soldiers of Indian Armed forces think of it not as a career option, but as a way of life. They get the opportunity to serve their own mother land and what could be better than a Service before Self.

Doctors think they get to know the patient’s entire family, as allergies are often hereditary. It’s fun to help patients. They love that they get to make people’s quality of life better and healthier.

Designers/Architects find their jobs really interesting. They say they transform their imagination into reality through their designs. They get the opportunity to learn about new trends in industry as well as technology. Turning one’s hobby into profession is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A few others just do it for money/responsibility and don’t enjoy their job at all.

When you were a child you dreamed big as there is no ceiling to a child’s dream.
Some choose the typical police officer, fire fighter, doctor, engineer while most others choose Scientist, Olympian, Actor, Model.

As children grow and develop, they begin to show interest in many different things. They start to give attention to certain things that align with their interests, of which some, of course, will again turn into dreams.

As kids grow up, they do begin to realize they may not necessarily be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Justin Bieber. In the middle school, the focus shifts to more realistic (and admittedly less glamorous) career options.
By high school, the pro athlete ambition comes to the Bottom of the list, and the majority of the most popular jobs are the realistic options : Writer, Engineer, Scientist, Teacher and Doctor.

Around only one-fifth of people do transfer their childhood career fantasies into reality when they enter the job force.

What about rest of the people? Are their dreams completely shattered or the child inside them is still thinking to turn them into reality?

How can we bring back to life the faith and the ambition of our childhood. It all begins and ends with The Power of Belief!

Forget everything that you thought you know. Develop a winning mindset by getting back to your childhood roots and find your BELIEFS.
Start making a little progress in achieving what you believe everyday.

Remember that BELIEVING IS SEEING and not the other way around.